Since its founding in 1905, the “Association Scientifique et Technique pour l’Eau et l’Environnement (ASTEE)” has been a privileged centerpoint for the exchange of technical, scientific and administrative information between the various persons involved in the design, production and operation of everything concerning urban and rural engineering. The association is open to everybody: the elect, industrialists, university staff, administrators, scientists, contractors, technicians, members of various trades and local communities, hygiene specialists, doctors, legislators, design office members, government and local community engineers, managers.

Fields of intervention
The ASTEE handles all the different aspects of urban engineering and rural engineering: individual or collective equipment, local or industrial communities. Water, drainage, waste, hygiene, disinfection, urban planning, habitat, traffic, viability, transportation, lighting, urban amenities, cleanliness of public places, atmospheric pollution, noise, hydrology, water supply, corrosion, urban networks, development plan, surface management, etc…

To promote studies and research work for the environment, public hygiene, urban development, rural development ; to favor the exchange of ideas and information between : technicians, scientists, public managers, private managers ; to participate in developing regulations and advisory services to public authorities ; to update, communicate and release knowledge in France and abroad.

The association publishes a directory and a monthly magazine TSM “Techniques Sciences Méthodes”
It organizes an annual congress (in France and abroad) as well as colloquiums, conferences and technical visits ; it publishes specialized works which are periodically updated.

International Relations :
The ASTEE is the national member, the French representative or the French correspondent of internationals associations specialized in the field of the environment.

IWA : International Water Association or

ISWA : International Solid Waste Association

CEOCOR : European Committee for the study of corrosion and protection of pipes

IOA : International Ozone Association or

EWA : European Water Association

AQUAWAL : Association Régionale Wallonne de l’Eau

ECN: European Compost Network


NOWNET - Northern Water Network

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