06-09 Jun 2017
Liège, Belgique
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ASTEE 96th Annual Conference: Regions and the UE, working together to foster environmental transition

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Nowadays EU policies heavily influence regional management, investment and development projects, particularly those dealing with water, environment and waste management.

In response to this problematic, this annual conference will be organized around the theme: Regions and the UE, working together to foster environmental transition.

In order to prepare for the upcoming cycles in the fields of water and waste, it is essential to take stock of the progress accomplished through EU directives as well as the difficulties in implementing them, by comparing case studies and feedback from different regions and member states.


This annual conference will be the occasion to go beyond the general observation of not reaching the objectives to:

  • Analyze what was done, what worked,
  • Imagine what can and will still have to be done in the years to come,
  • Identify existing barriers and levers necessary to achieve outcome objectives,
  • Work to reinvent the model to accompany it towards a culture of continuous improvement.


The city of Liège, the Walloon Region and the Province will host our 96th annual conference, under the sign of Europe. 

This congress, oriented towards research, was labeled by the Steering Committee for the activities of the Bicentenary of the University of Liège, which included it in the program of its Bicentennial.  

More information on the program of the Bicentenary of the University of Liège