07 Jun 2018
Marseille, France

(Français) Répondez à l'appel à communications avant le 30 novembre 2017!

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May desalination contribute to adaptation measures to climate change?

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Seminar organised by the “Tensions around Water” NGO Consortium Working Group.


This one-day seminar is a contribution to debates about desalination from sea or brackish water. It embraces energetic, economic, environmental and social aspects. Reflections have to be based on desalination use feedback, mainly on Mediterranean countries. It addresses sector and cost issues as well as energetic, environmental and social impacts at different levels. Prospective approaches are highly welcome.


Paper proposals must be sent, in French or in English, as two-page abstracts.
Submission deadline: 30 October 2017 at SHF headquarters website using the template
Paper selection: December 1st, 2017