05-07 Nov 2014
82 Avenue Kléber, Colombes, France
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International Workshop : Urban Wastewater Management

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This workshop follows on from the international workshops held every 3 years by the Water Agency of Seine and Normandy (AESN) and its partners in preparation for World Water Forums (the “Urban rainwater management” workshop in 2011 and the “Water in the city & Urban sanitation” workshop in 2008).

This year the workshop is focusing on “Urban Wastewater Management», it will be held over 3 days in a conference center near Paris, with several plenary sessions, work in sub-groups, and half a day of visits. It is designed to attract an international audience of decision-makers and managers in the field of wastewater management, and will have simultaneous English/French translation available.


The workshop will be organised around 4 major themes:

1. Collection and evacuation of wastewater

2. Treatment of wastewater for protection of the environment and downstream uses

3. Reuse of treated wastewater

4. Use of by-products for agricultural and/or energy production purposes.


This workshop has been designed to collect experiences of representatives from various cities around the world, North and South alike, and international experts, and enable them to share their knowledge. It will bring practical contributions to two international processes:


– The preparatory process of the 7th World Water Forum, which will be taking place in Daegu-Gyeongbuk in April 2015.

–  The UN process of drafting post-2015 sustainable development goals. The targets that UN-Water (January 2014) proposes for a “Water” goal include:

o reducing untreated industrial and domestic wastewater;

o increasing healthy/hygienic reuse of wastewater;

o reducing pollution by nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus).