Association des professionnels de l’eau et des déchets
Créée en 1905, reconnue d’utilité publique
08-09 Sept. 2016
Paris, France

1st international conference on risk assessment of pharmaceuticals in the environment


Environmental contamination by pharmaceutical residues is a major concern throughout the world. These contaminants, with other emerging pollutants, are source of great scientific challenges in terms of ecotoxicity, public health, soil pollution, agricultural discharges, and management strategies of drinking water and wastewater.

The overall objective of the Conference is to synthesize the most recent data in order to identify, measure and manage environmental and health risks arising from human and veterinary pharmaceutical residues in the environment.

Two days of scientific exchanges during four sessions:

  • Hazard identification – adverse effects in human and environment
  • Exposure measurement
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management

Call for papers, deadline March 15, 2016.
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