Association des professionnels de l’eau et des déchets
Créée en 1905, reconnue d’utilité publique
22-26 Oct. 2017
Nantes, France

International IWA conference on sustainable solutions for small water and wastewater treatment systems


Small2017 co-organized by IMT Atlantique, GEPEA , IWA and ASTEE will be held in Nantes (city congress center). S2small2017 will address the latest advances in the field of water and wastewater management for small systems and decentralized approaches.

This joint conference will bring together the 14th IWA Specialized Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems (SWWS) together with the 6th IWA Specialized Conference on Resources-Oriented Sanitation (ROS) and the 3rd International Conference Terra Preta Sanitation & Decentralized Wastewater System.

The event is a continuation of the previous successful Conferences of the 11th SWWS (Harbin, China), the 12th SWWS and 4th ROS (Muscat, Oman), the 13th SWWS and 5th ROS (Athens, Greece) and the 2nd TPS (Goa, India).

S2small2017 is intended to:

  • Researcher specialized in environmental sciences
  • Engineers working in research and development
  • Stakeholders from the water sector (local community, water agencies etc.)
  • Entrepreneurs…

The scope of our conference is to go beyond the simple assumption that small water and wastewater systems are technically feasible and working to answer specific needs under many different configurations. The scope of our conference is to demonstrate that small water and wastewater systems represent part of the solution for the future of humanity, from theoretical concepts up to very applied cases study our conference will show that small is smart, small is beautiful, small is efficient, small is affordable, small is generous in other words small is the future!

Only small solutions for water and wastewater will enable to meet UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: « Ensure access to water and sanitation for all ». Only small water and wastewater solutions will help to increase water re-use, water recycle and resource recovery from wastewater. If you also believe that small water and wastewater systems represent tomorrow’s solutions do not hesitate anymore and come to S2small2017 to share your knowledge, meet the main actors in the field, strengthen your network in a wonderful city (surrounded by water) and in a region where small water solutions are really developed!


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