biodiversité GEMAPI ingénierie écologique inondation-crue qualité de l'eau restauration cours d'eau

Ecological engineering in aquatic environments: Why and hoW?

Coordinated by Bernard Chocat

The human being has always built the natural environment to suit their
Over the last two centuries this development has often been against
nature, considered as inconsistent and sometimes dangerous.
This mode of action, even if it was effective at frst, has now resulted in
a large number of environmental issues: ecosystems deregulation, pollution of the natural environment, difculties in mobilizing the resources…
Ecological engineering is to consider nature as a partner rather than an
adversary, and that a healthy environment can provide more services as a damaged one.
This text is a summary of a more detailed book illustrated with examples.
For decision-makers, the aim of this document is to demonstrate that
acting by and for nature can meet the various society demands, from the
preservation of the water quality to the valuation of river banks through
the protection against flooding.

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