The ‘Association scientifique et technique pour l’eau et l’environnement’ is a French association recognized to be of public interest. It connects close to 4000 members from water and waste professional sectors. Its purpose is to seed knowledge, and share technical practices and expertise for the benefit of all. Our association is also sought out for advice and recommendations.

Since 1905, the AGHTM, renamed Astee in 2004, has adapted to the evolution of our careers and the environment, while remaining faithful to its values: respecting the diversity of professionals in the field and building consensus. Astee is at the crossroads of shared knowledge, know-how and information, meetings, and exchanges opened up to its network composed of public and private professionals.

Astee is the national governing member of European and International water and waste organizations such as IWA, ISWA and EWA.

International partnerships

« A Lookout for French professionals and scientific and technical international voice »

Astee ensures the coordination of the activities of French professionals at the International and European scales. It is the interpreter of international issues and, it accompanies the operational implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the French territory for the targets related to water and waste.

Our international partner networks

Astee is the national focal point for water and waste European and international organizations such as the IWA, ISWA and EWA. It is also a partner to other international networks (CEOCOR, OECD, World Water Council).

Our partner networks

Committee of European and International Affairs

The Committee organizes monthly meetings to alternatively discuss European or International affairs. It has founded the French Water Partnership (Partenariat Français pour l’Eau-PFE) and the Committee’s members joined this newly created organization in 2007. Since then, the Committee of European and International Affairs has continued its mission, although in a less formal and operational matter than the FWP.

Gérard PAYEN
ASTEE staff
The Comittee’s next meetings

Our work

Astee contributes to expand knowledge and promote awareness on pilot projects/ demonstration sites or projects of interest in order to improve local environmental public services.

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