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Prudent & protective towns and territories : How municipal services rise to the challenge ?

Work directed by Nicolas Gendreau and Marcel Belliot

The theme of ASTEE’s 2015 conference in Montauban is the prudence
and protection of municipal services. To address challenges in terms
of demographics and climate, we will need to manage the resources
necessary for human life and for the operation of our cities. We will also
need to anticipate natural and man-made risks that could render city life
impossible. How can municipal services make cities more prudent and
protected? Can they all do so to the same degree and can they do it
at the same time? These questions are the focus of the contributions put
together in this report. Here you will fnd, as a preview to the Conference
itself and in order to explain the primary issues, discussions, points of view, testimonials and feedback from elected offcials, from researchers, from operators and experts on the city and its services. The report outlines a “road map” showing how municipal services and support and
reinforce the municipal policies of prudence and protection, against
the backdrop of climate change yet to come.

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