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Urban planning & urban services : the essentiel alliance

Coordination : Marcel Belliot, Bernard Chocat and Solène Le Fur

​The Astee 2013 congress occured in Nantes at the beginning of June. The congress focused on its central thème "Assisting sustainable and responsible cities" and dealed with the link between urban public services and urban planning.

This link should be obvious in modern cities. However, it comes most of the time with a bunch of issues and difficulties, both in the designing and in the building of urban policies.
Before any discussion about these topics and in order to shed light on the main issues that were discussed about during the congress, an introductory document has been written.
It gathers written contributions from scientists, professionals and experts in the field of cities and services. Indeed, this document includes thoughts, testimonies and experiences that show the real need to make engineers and urban planners working together for “sustainable and responsible cities”. It also includes proposals that may improve this link.

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