NTIC transition numérique

Territories in transition : placing digital intelligence at the heart of public utilities

Document coordinated by Philippe Marest and Olivier Pascal

It looks at the wide-ranging question marks hanging over the
effect the digital "revolution" is having, the pitfalls to avoid, the
new avenues to be explored, social acceptability, protection of
privacy and more… Smart cities or territories are not an end goal
but perhaps a means that can be leveraged in the approaches we
adopt in terms of sustainable development, improving quality of
life and respecting citizens. These questions take centre-stage
in the contributions gathered within this document. Providing a
preview of the congress and insight into the main issues it deals
with, these contributions are brimming with ideas, viewpoints
and personal experiences concerning the major transitions
our territories are going through today. For the frst time, this
document includes video interviews with prominent fgures from
the environmental and digital sectors.

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